Chest (Master Class)

I’ve been very busy lately (as always) but I think it’s time to make a post.

This is my final modelling class with my students, I decided to make a Master Class called “Creating assets for video-games”, I started out  by blocking the figure to a nice volume/space for Unity 3D, later on I sculpted the main parts of the chest in Zbrush such as the wooden planks or the skull and finally baking the high-poly version to the low-poly model I made in 3DsMax. Final textures made in Photoshop (1024×1024), rendered in Mental Ray and turntable in Marmoset Toolbag.

Turntable video:



It’s been a while since my last animation work but I thought this is the best character to return to the great world of 3D animation, It was really funny to model a Minion from “Despicable me” but it’s going to be awesome to move it!

Modelled in 3DsMax (low poly model around 2000 tris), rigged with Autodesk CAT, I made in a couple of days with 2048×2048 texture maps and rendered with Nvidia Mental Ray.

You can see the 3D model in Sketchfab

Minion (click to view in 3D)Minion

Original concept of “Despicable me” by Illumination entertainment and Universal Pictures.

Beretta 92FS

Hi there!

Celebrating my first month as 3D art teacher I’m gonna post the first model of my Master class at Tooning 3D art school, this time it will be a Beretta 92FS gun, it’s been a really great practice for my students so far I’ve seen great potential in them.

I made this gun in 3DsMax (1500 tris), textures in Photoshop (2048×2048) and rendered with my brand new license of Marmoset Toolbag.

(Click to enlarge)