First Aid Station

Hi there!

A week ago I bought “The art of Mass Effect Universe” and I’m totally stunned with this art book, a “must-have” for an artist. I decided to make some props of the game based on the concept art of the book and I just finished the first one!

The first aid station it’s (obviously) a prop to cure yourself in the game, I made it in 3DsMax, textured in Photoshop and rendered in UDK,  370 polys in his low-poly version.

I hope you like it!



SciFi Corridor – WIP

Hi there!

It’s been a while since my last post, I’ve been kind of distracted and busy but I’m focused now in finishing this Sci-Fi Corridor. I’m making it modular so I’m just gonna use a single texture for the whole sheet, as always I’m gonna render and build it in UDK.



WIP #2

The worlds of Defenders of the last Colony

Hello there!

I’m very happy to show you the 12 worlds of Defenders of the last Colony, the indie game by Knitted Pixels ( website ), it’s been a nice challenge for me because I’ve never made high quality artworks but I think that the result is quite good so far.

I made 9 worlds and improved another 3 worlds made by my brother Sergio ( online portfolio ).

I hope you like it!

Click to full screen view

Defenders of the last colony announced!

Hi there, I’m currently helping my brother with our independent game developer, KnittedPixels and we  announced our first game, Defenders of the last colony. I’m making concept art and 3D art.

It will be released on Xbox live Arcade, Xbox live Indie Games in 2012.

You can check the official website here:

Defenders Of The Last Colony – Official website

Trailer of the game:






Killzone 2 – Gas Tank

Hi there!

I finished the killzone 2 prop, It’s some kind of gas tank on a metal platform, It’s based on a concept from Leading Light for PS3 game Killzone 2, I enjoyed a lot the texturing with all the scratches and the rusty look of the metals.

As one of my mentors said “It’s always cool to make rusty things in video-games”.

It has 6400 tris and I used a single 2048×2048 texture map, all rendered in UDK.

Original concept art:

I hope you like it!


Work in progress gallery added

Hello there, I added a new page for the website!

“Work in progress (WIP)”

This page will have the latest work in progress of my personal 3D projects, there you can see the process of creating: environments, assets, vehicles, etc.

You can go there just by clicking on the top side of the website.

This is an example of what you can see there:


Please, watch in HD – 1080p.


Work in progress images:


AO + Normal Map

WIP - Texturing