M1A1 Abrams tank


Finally! I finished my M1A1 Abrams tank model, it’s been a hell of a work but it’s completely worthy, If I normaly enjoy my work this time was epic fun.

About the work, here’s a couple of renders from 3DsMax, 2048×2048 textures and It’s rigged. I’m gonna try sell it for Unity Engine at the Unity Asset Store.

M1A1 Abrams Tank - front Back_Beauty

I hope you like it!


Willy’s Jeep

Hello there!!

This is one of my favorites war vehicles, “Willy’s Jeep” it’s been a nice challenge for me, but I really enjoy the vehicle modeling work, modeled in 3dsMax, it’s totally in-game rendered in Unreal Engine (UDK) with a 2048×2048 texture made in Photoshop.

Willy's Jeep

Willy's Jeep UDK front

Willy's Jeep UDK victor santos

Willy's Jeep UDK back

And the turntable video from 3DsMax:

I hope you like it!